The tallest mountain in Japan is Mount Fuji which is an also an active volcano. Japan is located in the Ring of Fire, one of the world's most active volcanic area. It borders the Pacific Ocean, and most of the worlds volcanoes and earthquakes occur here.


More than 80% of Japan is covered in mountains. These mountains are in clusters, separated by lowlands. Faults or cracks occur because of this formation, this causes the land to either lift up into a mountain or drop down to form lowlands. The Kanto Plain is the largest stretch of lowlands in Japan.
Mount Funji                                

Other Landforms

There are several major tectonic lines that run under Japan. Japan is also divided into arcs. The mountain ranges run along the island arcs, or parallel to the trenches. Japan's landforms are characterized by volcanic landforms and other forms of tectonic relief produced by crustal movement. Heavy rainfall caused by typhoons and rainy seasons leads to active erosion and deposition, quickly changing landforms and landslides are often found in Japan.